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[sticky post] About the community

Welcome to the Abe Aran community! :)

In this community I will post news about Abe Aran, as well as translations whenever I have access to magazine scans.
Everyone is welcome to make a contribution, but I will moderate to see if the post is suitable for the community. Fanfics for example, are not. But any kind of news that isn't a rumor is acceptable.
If you'd like to post a translation, I'd prefer if you send me the magazine scan instead and let me do it. I just want the translations here to be made by me, that's why. :)

Sharing my translations to another community or whatever, is completely acceptable! I do want the fandom to spread after all.

Regarding downloads of programs etc, you will need to look in another community. I might tell you where to look in some cases though, if there is something you can't find. The reason I can't provide any material myself is because I unfortunately don't live in Japan, and I do not have a budget that allows me to ship things here constantly. :/

Sometimes, I may create polls or ask you questions, just to see how the fandom looks like at the moment.

The purpose of this community is to share information about Abe Aran and spread the fandom. So, if you have any questions about him or if there is any information you want that I haven't provided, feel free to ask and I will find out if I don't already know it. Most probably, I will have no problem finding out whatever information you need. :)

About me:Nice to meet you! I'm Linda, the creator and moderator of this community. Although my time as fan of Abe Aran has been quite short, I do have lots of information about him.
I'm 20 (21 in a few days) years old and have been a Johnny's fan for 6 years. I like astrology and listening to ASMR videos. At the moment I'm studying chinese at university while attending a chocolatier course.
I'm very dedicated to the study of Johnny's sometimes, and have some interesting and valuable statistics in my knowledge. Perhaps I'll share it some day ;)


Yay! Fans de Aran! *-*
thank you so much for create the commuunity ♥
Thank you for joining! :) You're one of the first members!
May I ask, how long have you been a fan of Aran and how did it happen? *just curious*
For me, it's been 4½ months and it started with a dream xD
Nice to meet you Linda!, I'm Aru.

ahahha, well, I knew Aran for the dramas, I like him in 49, his hair was so cute, but I become a fan when I started to watch shark 2nd season, in 2014, his voice OMG! I only watch the drama week after week for Aruto's character... (The story... I prefer shark 1 u_u) And in Kinkyori, he was WOW! he's so good acting, better than Yamapi xD
So, for Onii-chan gaccha I was complety in love with him xD
That's the story :)

(really sorry for the bad english, I speak spanish :c )

I Repeat, thanks a lot for create the community and translate notices and interviews ! :)
Nice to meet you too! :)

Great story! You've been watching him so long, I'm a bit jealous, haha xD
Because even though I knew who Aran was for quite a long time, I didn't really notice him until this year because I was too blind focusing on my last favorite, Tanaka Juri.. (also maybe because I'm 3 years older and he was still a kid xD)

Yes, much better than Yamapi! He has a natural talent.

No problem with your english, I think it's good :) I'm not a native speaker either anyway, I'm from Sweden.

You're welcome :) I'm glad you like the community!