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From unknown magazine, about sensuality.

Once again, I don't remember which magazine this is from, but it's rather recent.

When women smile at me with an innocent expression, I think "She has opened her heart to me" and get happy, as well as feel a sensuality peculiar to women. If I were to go out with a sexy woman, I would enthusiastically arrange a date in a grown-up restaurant. I would dress up precisely in formal wear and completely become a gentleman. I'll have to overstretch myself for that! (laugh) ...While saying that, I think it might be ok for me not to have a grown-up's sensuality at the moment. No matter how much a 17 year old is trying he's still 17, and on the contrary I'm sure there are things that I can only do now. In the first place, perhaps sensuality isn't something you aim for and bring out. If talking about sempais around, the one who has sensuality is Yamashita (Tomohisa)-kun. He is like a lump of sexiness and really cool! Recent state: I'm even more into reading than before. This year I have already read abou 5-6 books. Lately, Higashino Keigo's 'Masquerade hotel' was interesting!

*my comment*
I think this kind of person, a sexy woman, is exactly Aran's type. One who does her best to look her best and seems hard to reach. Well, he is pretty perfect so wanting a perfect woman to match that isn't wrong at all. I'm glad that this is his type, because this is exactly the kind of person I've always been striving to become. Since he's saying things like this every now and then, one can easily say that Aran's average *M* fan is not his type. I'm glad it's like that xD


thanks for translation
it makes me really excited when he talk about yamapi...hehe