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Wink Up July 2015 translation

I have uploaded small parts from this magazine already, but this is the main part.

What is on my mind now: Right now it's in the midst of Travis jr's ginza show, so I'm very curious about the other groups team's contents. At this point, I've been to 4U and the Jinguji gang's shows. It's obvious, but depending on the colour of the team, it's totally different even though it's the same stage. It's noticable on stage that 4U has lots of experience and their dance is extremely good. The Jinguji-gang had more of a "The Idol" feel, and expressed exactly what the people in the venue wanted. Many of them are in my age, so I got very motivated. No matter what show I'm watching, I'm always consciously checking the lightning. Perhaps the fans aren't focusing on that so much, but it wouldn't be an exageration to say that the coolness and excitement of a song is controlled by the lightning. So this time I decided with detail all by myself how the lightning would be during my solo. It was difficult, but it was a very fun experience.

*my comment*
Aran's potential is so visible here! He really has an art-sense and I think we will see that more and more :)
By the way, just now when I was writing a fan-letter to him (my 2nd), there was a spider in my hair!! Such a horrible experience! o.O