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lindastardust in abe_aran_love

A few short translations :)

I don't remember which magazines all of these are from, but they are all recent :)

I think this one was from popolo july edition.  They were supposed to make a pet appeal to Jinguji Yuta, who then would chose which was best (he chose Iwahashi Genki, ofc xD). Anyway, the translation:
I don't understand what's pet-like...
Aran was trying to make a sulking and spoiled expression. But Jinguji's comment was that it was disgusting and looked like a stalker with a bold smile.

I think it's cute though :3

"I often get told by fans that I look like a frog"

Have you ever thought so? I know it's true many fans do, you just have to look on twitter to see them spam about it! xD But I have never thought so.

In the bubble it says: "Someone tell me pink suits me!"
The text: I like pink. For example, I often have monotone clothes, but wear pink shoes to make a point. A, or a watch. Since the beginning of last year, I noticed I had started to like pink. It's not like I'm trying to imitate Yamashita (Tomohisa)-kun. But, I want to become a man like Yamashita-kun who looks good in pink! However, until now nobody has told me I look good in pink... It's sad!

This is july's wink up. They talk about their fans.
The translation:
Aran's fans are...
Everyone... might be M. That's what I think (laugh). It feels like there are many fans taht start to like me not only for my looks, but understanding my inside as well. I like those of you a lot too *heart*


*my comment*
...I was surprised when I read this. Why? Because, Juri also once said that his fans are M (he was my last favorite). The thing is, I'm not. Ok, I know for a fact that many of his fans are, this I have noticed. But still, the coincidence... By the way, the reason for his fans being so M is because of his dramas, where he mostly has played more of an S (sadistic) character. Not because of his real personality, that is.

Also july wink up.
"Scary face. I think the people who watched 'SHARK~' will like this"

Still july wink up.
"Smile! I think the fans like a smile. I don't smile very much (laugh). It's kind of rare, but I think they like when I smile the most."

*my comment*
Aran, Aran, Aran... where has your brain blown away? I mean, doesn't he smile like all the time? haha

So here they talk about what they liked the other group's Ginza performance. As you can see, many of them talked about D, which is good because that's where Aran was!
Just Aran's part:
I was impressed by F's performance! They were good at both dancing and singing, and were really cool. I could feel the sempai's greatness. I could have fun because they had lots of songs from Arashi, which I like a lot.

*my comment*
Aran goes to watch other's shows a lot. It's famous amongst japanese fans. F= They Budou

This time, Yasui Kentaro was sorting the jrs in different themes from their personal outfits of the day. Aran was sorted into the type who seems popular amongst girls. In the comments, it's basically Yasui and Morita saying he's cool. As you can see, he's wearing his Gaga milano watch and blue marc jacobs bracelet, with watching blue socks (the same as on the gamushara episode when they went to the dancing place (mune-kyun competition), perhaps?) A typical Aran-outfit :)

Ok, this will be it for now! I hope you have fallen for Aran a little more now, haha.

I have lots to do! Soon I will participate in a one-month feng shui certification course, and I've almost finished a chocolatier certification course. Very interesting! :) I'm sure Aran would appreciate a girl who does things like that! *dreamy*. Ok, I don't know actually and I'm really not that busy either, and bla bla bla. xD
Anyway, I will post another translation soon :)


thanks for the translation, I love the Aruto face xD