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Some of Aran's personal belongings

Aran often wears expensive accessories. I will introduce them here.
1. Golden chrome hearts necklace with diamonds. For you who are not familiar with the brand, it is a luxury brand especially popular in Japan. Most Johnny's own a chrome hearts accessory. G-dragon is also fond of this brand. The price is 231000 yen (1876 usd)

Jinguji Yuta and Tamamori Yuta also have this.
2. Chrome hearts rings

Floral cross: 1096 usd
Tiny ECH plus ring: 1665 usd

Tamamori Yuta has the middle ring, don't know about the others.

3. Crescent Luna Luna Estrella ring: 68.81 usd

Yamapi has this as well.

4. Marc Jacobs star coin hinge cuff: 52 usd

5. Jimmy Choo Sasha M tote bag: 1249 usd

6. Marc Jacobs five time zone watch: 39322 usd

Tamamori Yuta has this as well.
There are similar ones from the same brand, but I think it looks most like this one.

7. Gaga milano watch. I don't know which one exactly.

Maybe it is this one?

In that case the price is 787 usd.
Jinguji Yuta has this as well, or a similar one. Some say he may have borrowed it from Aran.

8. Marc Jacobs coin charm hairband: about 39 usd for a set

Jinguji Yuta has a similar one.

9. The Bingo Brothers star bracelet: 103 usd

bonus translation: This bracelet that I fell in love at first with and bought 2-3 years ago, I use like a charm and have it on even in kinkyori. I like deep blue and I like the design.

10. Goro's feather necklace: about 270 usd

Many Johnny's are wearing accessories from this brand, just like chrome hearts.

In general, it seems like Aran likes accessories with stars. He has a small bag with studs and shoes with studs as well, so I think he likes that too. His style is generally monotone black and white and he likes to add something with colour to it. To his monotone style, he would like a woman wearing red walking next to him, especially a red leather jacket, and don't forget the heels. It seems he likes blonde girls as well. CL? xD

Red leather jacket, he has mentioned this many times. Sometimes it may even seem like he wants a girl as an accessory, but you can't blame him, he is just into fashion and stuff. Apparently he's fast at picking up fashion trends. And he said once that if he wasn't in Johnny's, he'd like to be a fashion designer or interior designer. He likes art in general, even went to an art exhibition recently with Nakamura Kaito (he couldn't dare to go by himself). But he can't draw.
He likes women wearing red because they have high self-assertion. With such a woman, he'd like to go on a mature date, so he probably likes older women.

*my thoughts* Well all of that is awesome for the leather jacket (not red on the outside though, but on the inside) wearing older me, who happens to have high self-assertion and also happens to be picky with style and have similar taste. Not only that, his type generally sounds so much like me. Yeah I like dreaming away like this sometimes *all the time*. Dreams are what idols are for anyway xD But to be serious, I do think sometimes they try too hard or don't seem natural. This is why Aran is good! When I look at him, I only see his pure smile and not a mask. Reading his interviews, I get to know that he is good at going with the flow and following his intuition, instead of straining himself too much. He takes very good care of himself, really. The "mask" or whatever the idols are always wearing has been a problem for me and even the reason for changing my number 1.
Because of Aran's purity, I think he'd make the best idol, but at the same time there is a fear inside of me that one day when he has debuted and pressure will be bigger, he'll have to change and put on a mask... Let's hope that will never need to happen. The best would be if he could debut and keep that purity. This reminds me, I think he said something similar himself sometime actually. But then it was more abot what they want to say to their future self, not about debut.
Gosh, it's like 3:50 am now and I've done this the whole night so far, lol
Well, well, I'll just stop here and fyi I'm going to do some short translations soon, so look forward to that dear friends! :)

p.s. This is why I say we have similar taste:

*my headphones*

Unfortunately they are a lot cheaper than his things though xD


"1. Golden chrome hearts necklace with diamonds. The price is 231000 yen (1876 usd)"

WOW! and Tamamoi had 3 of them...
I always wonder about that jewel, thanks for the info :)